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 Teen Life Choices, Inc. is a non-profit corporation operating exclusively for educational and charitable purposes to provide youth programs to young adults ages 13-18, to aid in the creation of successful individuals, nurture self-confidence, and acquire self-discipline. 



  We provide programs that expose young adults to various career paths through the implementation of conferences, exploratory industry tours, and internship placement support. Training sessions focus on skills and tools to prepare young adults for the business environment, including but not limited to resume writing, business etiquette, interview skills, dressing for success, time management, and "real world" scenarios. Our sessions entitled "Your Life, Your Choice", promote the importance of self-love and self-motivation, through the procurement of inspirational and positive speakers and mentors.   


Make Career Readiness Count

Student performance indicators that states include in school and district level report cards and accountability systems should tell a story about what matters most to states... workforce development.

College and Careers

The story seems to be that the essential "and" in "college and careers" is actually an "or", with the focus on career readiness often limited to a subset of students.

Student Performance Indicators

Without linking student performance indicators to career pathways and experiences, cities are missing the opportunity signals to schools and districts, communities, and parents, that preparing ALL students for careers matters. 

Standards and Expectations

A strong academic foundation must be coupled with career ready standards or expectations along with students' ability to access and succeed in the careers of their choice.

Setting the Bar

Too many of our students graduate high school without reaching the critical college- and career-ready bar and are academically and mentally unprepared to succeed in the real world.

The Call to Action

In today's increasingly knowledge-based economy, a career is not just a job.  A career provides a family sustaining wage and pathways to advancement and, more than ever, requires post-secondary training or education.  We must think strategically about how best to support college and/or career readiness for all students.

"I Hold My Own" School Tour

The "I Hold My Own" School Tour was begun by Alexis Ayaana a local Atlanta artist in 2015 to reach out to young women.  Today the program works with predominately young adults as speakers to engage High School students with a focus on young women discussing such topics as  goal setting, career options, peer pressure and making healthy life choices.

TLC Ambassador:  Alexis Ayaana

In 2020 we will introduce "Boys Need Love Too" to focus on similar initiatives for young men.

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