Our Strategy

  To ensure each student has a clear and focused exit strategy upon graduation, we help students to explore a personalized career plan that supports their definition of success. We integrate key elements, such as: self-assessments, career exploration, decision making and action steps that contribute to the next stages of their career paths. Students are engaged in coaching sessions to develop practical skills and create strategies tailored to their individual needs. This is a crucial component of the program that helps each student participant navigate transition to college and/or  entry into the workforce .

Career Exploration

  To encourage personal growth and enhance professional development, students are provided with programs that provide an array of interactive learning and engagement opportunities on an annual basis. Before graduation seniors are provided with programs which covers a series of topics that help prepare students for real life whether going to college and/or entering the job market.

Annually we require students to attend Career Insights Teen Conference, a  1-day event in which students participate in informative workshops that include resume writing, interview training, industry panels and networking events. 

* Business Etiquette Sessions

* Resume writing

* Interview Training

* College Preparation (Things to Know)

* Industry Panels

* Networking Opportunities

* Time Management

* Connecting the Dots (Literacy; Careers; Workforce Development

* Reality Check (Real Life Scenarios)

Your Life/Your Choice Day Sessions

* Self Reflection

* Self Motivation

* Self Love

* Career Planning

* Goal Setting

* Study Habits

* Bullying

* Alcohol and Drug Prevention

* Smoking

* Gangs

* Youth Incarceration

* Other Topics of Interest to Teens

* Reality Check (Real Life Scenarios)

Career Exploratory Day



10 Tours per academic school year

Day Tour – 10 Major Industries 


Finance (Accounting/Investment Banking/Banking/Insurance/Tax/, Technology (Information), Engineering, natural resources and mining, construction, manufacturing, trade, transportation, utilities, professional and business services (Lawyer, Beauty), Educational and Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality, Government (Police Officers, Corrections Officers, etc.); Agriculture, Film, Energy, and Beauty among others.



Day Tour - 10 Colleges within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area with diverse areas of career opportunities

There are a great number of colleges within the Atlanta area that allow for a wide array of educational opportunities.  Teen Life Choices seeks to present those opportunities for a glimpse into the schools within our own backyard.

Internships/Summer Work Program


Intermediary to Schools and Businesses  

An emphasis on real-life work and cultural experiences are a crucial part of building power skills and preparation for the workplace and fosters knowledge of a specialized career. Through professional enrichment opportunities, such as job shadowing, internships, and trips abroad, the program provides valuable resources and information that assists students in building their resume as they pursue their career aspirations.


Through the progression of their high school career, we work collaboratively with key stakeholders, board members, corporate partners and sponsors to align internships and job shadowing opportunities with student’s career interests.

We encourage every student to seek internships for the year and/or summer. This is a great opportunity for them to gain hands-on experience and make their mark in the professional world. 

Valuable relationships are life-changing for our students, many of whom are first-generation students with little or no practical guidance on career planning and college life.

We seek to partner each student with a dedicated mentor who serves as an advocate, career coach, personal advisor and role model throughout their high school experience. The mentors provide their students with advice and resources needed to help them succeed within their chosen degree and develop skills necessary for their professional career. These interactions are facilitated in a controlled environment within a pilot school.

Are you, or anyone you know, in need of exceptional interns? If so, please email us to schedule a meeting.

Become a Mentor


 The mantra of our mentoring program is simple: no one succeeds alone. Educational research demonstrates the value of one-on-one relationships as a means of helping individuals set goals and achieve them. An important pipeline is created when students who have been mentored become mentors themselves.

 WE are committed to building a community of students and volunteers in support of personal and professional success. 

For more information on becoming a mentor, please contact us to schedule a meeting.